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Te Mana Lamb

TE MANA LAMB, the world’s finest lamb raised by an exclusive New Zealand farming community, is renowned for its unparalleled tenderness, juiciness and delicate flavour.

After testing over 500 genetic lines to find the best ram, the 10-year programme used natural breeding techniques to raise a new breed of lamb with high propensity for fine marbling never before achieved with lamb.

TE MANA LAMB’s unique composition (fine marbling) has allowed it to retain its shape during cooking. Unlike regular lamb, it is more versatile, allowing you to create dishes like never before.

The unique combination of a new breed, farming practice, location & forage on chicory herbs for the last 30 days, led to naturally elevated levels of Omega 3. Together with a 21 day aging of the meat, Te Mana Lamb’s flavour and tenderness are enhanced.

Since its official launch in May 2017, TE MANA LAMB has created a sensation among leading chefs in the world's finest restaurants. Today, we are ecstatic to share this gourmet lamb with you. 

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