Te Mana Lamb

TE MANA LAMB has created a sensation among leading chefs and diners at the world's finest restaurants since its official launch in May 2017.  

TE MANA LAMB is richer in Omega-3 than any other red meat. Because of its unique composition, TE MANA LAMB doesn’t behave like regular lamb during preparation and cooking. It's an extremely versatile product that retains its shape and texture while bringing an amazing tenderness, taste & flavour to your table, along with a long list of health benefits   

The result of 10+ years research & development, Te Mana Lamb was designed to cope with the demanding climatic conditions of New Zealand’s South Island high country.

Stock are born & raised at higher altitudes on mixed pastures before being finished on lower pastures of chicory herb 30 days prior to processing.

Whilst the elevated Omega fat trait is inherent in this new breed, the finishing of the lambs on chicory pastures for 30 days allows the livestock to supercharge it's intramuscular fat accumulation, more commonly known as marbling

A large part of the Te Mana lamb secret is capturing the perfect moment in time. Te Mana lambs are only selected in season then aged exactly 21 days before being snap frozen.

Because of its unique composition, Te Mana lamb introduces a very tender, delicate flavour with a clean mouth feel and no pungent gamey aroma usually associated with other lambs.

Visit https://temanalamb.com/ to learn more about this revolutionary lamb product from New Zealand.


This is not simply lamb. This is TE MANA LAMB


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